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Our company has highly qualified personnel to meet foreigners at all stages of the acquisition of visa processes or authorization to stay in Brazil or other country, according to the desired purpose whether it is tourism, business, sports, work, investment or voluntary work, being  irrelevant to be brazilian or the nationality of the foreign.

​The general management is in the hands of Retired Federal Employees and federal Police Officers also retired with  over 30 years of service and knowledge, and over 15 years of experience in the areas of visas, Immigration and Immigration Control, in all processes whether they are next to  Brazilian or Foreigh Diplomatic Representations or  if those are from other country, or with the Government Department in Brazil, such as the Ministry of Justice, Labor, Education, External Relations, Central Bank and Federal Police Department, for example, among other government institutions.

All the work format, human resources and business procedure were developed so that precision, quality and speed were terms present in each customer monitoring phase, from the Preliminary Inquiry and Initial Analysis, until Implementation of Processes and finalization with customer satisfaction , including Post Assistance effectiveness and guarantees.

All our operators are experienced technicians with knowledge gained in daily practice, with reach in all government departments, whether in Brazil or abroad at the Brazilian or Foreign Diplomatic Representations in Brazil or other country.


These technicians have all the ability to address the issues and needs regarding foreigners and brazilians and their visas both for entry and to stay in Brazil or other Country, in order to perform at full quality and quantity needed to supply any demand, whether individual, corporate or institutional.


Our professional network is formed to meet and develop the entire service path to the realization of the process and even with conditions to provide effectively all the assistance and advice after finalization of the consultations, giving the foreigners and brazilians attended by our operators, all the tools needed for renewal, change or update processes, without the need for new hiring, which won’t be seen in any other enterprise or advisory institution or consulting.


All processes and procedures, whether individual or corporate, are performed under high levels of security and confidentiality, with guarantees of procedural audits and technological and human resources certifications.



Our Company has a Customer Service Network so that we can develop our activities, as well as foreign can take advantage of all the contact possibilities of acquiring information, sending, receiving and processing data and documents, using what is the most modern and safe way to achieve the client's goals in a legal manner and with unique quality.

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